Your investment portfolio is the sailboat to take you on your journey to and through retirement. The boat is made of investments, and RAM employees are the crew. The economy is the wind, and the chop on the water is volatility.

Normally we would write about some standar...

Before we get started with the essay, we would like to express our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected directly and/or indirectly by the COVID-19 pandemic. It can take a tremendous toll when we are:

  • Concerned for our health and the health of others.

  • ...

Manufacturing Overview

Breakthroughs from successful research and development (R&D) have created new processes and technologies that ripple through the economy, changing lives and society. R&D is an important factor driving the estimates that for every dollar spent in m...

For the past few months there have been swarms of PhDs, economists, and strategists buzzing to a hypersensitive media about the dire straits portended from the inverted yield curve. It only seems appropriate we share more of our thoughts and observations on the matter.


The Bottom Lines

  • U.S.-China trade policies need to be updated, and China is not in a strong position for trade negotiations.

  • The United States has the best risk adjusted prospects in the world today.

A Brief History

The first trade war involving both the U.S....

Market and Capital Gains Cycles

Generally speaking, everyone loves a bull market and no one loves a bear market. As professional investors who are looking forward, we would refine the statement by shifting our time frame to say that our favorite period starts at the fin...




According to William Safire’s 1982 New York Times column On Language, the term flip-flop took off in the 1940s and was used by political commentators to accuse opponents of opportunism. For example, Richard Nixon’s decision to impose wage and price controls...

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