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Our managed account investment strategies are well-suited for a range of situations. Our investment team has many years of experience in managing individual and family investment portfolios, including a variety of complex accounts.


For some investors, that may mean helping with Family LLCs, Trusts, or Estates. For others, it could mean structuring a portfolio in order to meet periodic cash needs. Perhaps a client needs help with stock options, ownership of a private company, or managing large holdings with a low cost basis. Whatever the situation, we will always work with each client to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Summary of Strategies

  • Core Growth

  • Conservative Growth

  • Small Cap Core Growth

  • Global Index

  • Equity Income

  • Fixed Income

Growth of Assets Under Management*

AUM Chart March 2024.jpg

*Assets under management figures are estimated, include non-discretionary separate account assets, are subject to

  change, and are not investment returns. For example, in 2008 the firm’s AUM increased, but returns in essentially

  every account were negative.


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